Let’s Kill “Is A Thing”

Part of me understands.  Part of me sympathizes.  Content creators have the unenviable task of keeping us clicking so the page views go up so The Company can sell ads at higher rates and make more money.  It’s capitalism in action, no big deal.

But the other part of me can’t shake this gnawing feeling that something needs to be said.  It’s a pet peeve and a very first-world one at that, but…screw it:

Using “…is a thing” in place of an actual thought or adjective is not clever.  It is not colloquial.  It is not funny.  It’s just stupid, lazy, hackneyed writing.

Here are some headlines from the last 5 days:

Giant Lawn Machinery Everywhere: This is Actually A Thing

Apparently Guys Stripping Down For Sensual “Dudeoir” Photos Is A Thing

Rex Ryan Still Thinks The Wildcat Is A Thing

And here’s an entire blog devoted to the phrase.

You’ve seen this before.  Maybe you’ve done it before.  Hell, realistically, I’ve probably done it before.  And one of the few things more over done than “…is a thing” is a rant, so I won’t.  Let’s let bygones be bygones and simply agree to stop–stop writing like you’re the only incredulous, snarky person on the Internet.  Be specific.  If you think Giant Lawn Machines are weird or unnecessary or a sad commentary on American landscaping, fine–say those things.

You’ll still get your page clicks with genuinely funny, clever headlines.  More, probably.


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